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VA Certification – Great discussion!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

It’s time to reconnect with the community to hold the second Future of Virtual Assistance call to discuss another hot topic.

The conversation around VA Certification has been brewing for years – there have been discussions at VA Conferences, on message boards, within private groups and associations – with no general agreement yet on the subject.

Will a certified VA be more successful than a non-certified VA? Will the business owners we support find value in having a certified VA?

If you’ve been a VA for years, should you consider this? If you’re new to the VA world, is it one more thing to look into?

Listen in and hear with your fellow Virtual Assistants have to say on this topic:

MP3 File

What are your thoughts on this subject? Share them below.

What other hot topics affect the Virtual Assistant industry that you would like to discuss? Let comment below.

Andrea, Tina & Cindy

Business Opportunities Are Like Buses …

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

"Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming."

– Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Enterprises


“VAs Do It On Their Laptops” Receives Great Response!

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

"VAs Do It On Their Laptops" Receives Great Response!

In the last issue of the V-Scoop we revealed the new "Virtual Assistants Do It On Their Laptops" slogan and fun products in the brand new store. It was so great to see so many of you enjoy and get a few of the items!

Here’s what Kate Bradbury shared on the blog:

LOVE IT! "Virtual Assistants Do it on Their Laptops"!!!!!!

and Patricia Hartfield wrote:

THIS IS FANTASTIC LADIES! I already placed an order. I was looking for some products that has a Virtual Assistant on it. And, you guys did a great job. … Lets tell the WORLD who we are!!!

We will be looking at adding additional items (thanks for your suggestions!) and promise to keep you posted. Currently there are t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, hats, clocks, journals, mugs – travel and coffee, water bottle, magnets, buttons and stickers.

Here’s a quick pic of some of the items.

Check out the full store!

Remember, done tastefully, attention-getting publicity and promotion can be a way to really broaden the reach of your business too. Click to comment here.

VA Certification – Yes or No?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

The Future of Virtual Assistance Call #2 – VA Certification – Yes or No? Are You Registered?

Are you a certified VA? Do you need to be? Is it really necessary?

These are questions we’ve all heard when it comes to the hot topic of VA Certification.

We’re calling all Virtual Assistants to join us on Tuesday, July 28th at Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern) for an open discussion – bring your thoughts, questions and anything else related to this topic.

Hold your spot for the VA Certification – Necessity or Not?call - we look forward to a thought-provoking call!

>>Register Now

What Are You Doing to Help Grow Your Client’s Business?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Question of the Week

What Are You Doing to Help Grow Your Client’s Business?

Tina recently posted this on her blog and we thought it would be a great topic to get you thinking about the work you do with your clients.

I’ve included a link to the full blog post below but here’s a snippet that I’d like to share here with you:

With all the bumps in the economy these days, I’m hearing some buzz among online support folks (virtual assistants, online business managers and the like) along the lines of "If my client’s business is struggling – doesn’t that mean they’ll have to let me go?"

Au contraire! Your services are needed more than ever because of these challenges…

We need to always be focused on how we are helping to grow our client’s business. If you find yourself in fear of ‘losing your clients’ or are seeing some of your clients struggling I want to ask you: What are you doing to help grow your client’s business?

Read the ideas Tina shares on her blog …. you’ll be surprised at how effective these points are no matter who you work with! Take a few minutes to leave your comments about what you ARE doing to help your clients build their business.

And if you’re a Virtual Assistant looking for help in how to really impact your client’s business and build your own at the same time, check out the customized VA coaching packages available to you.

Communication … the KEY To a Successful Virtual Relationship

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Communication …. the KEY To a Successful Virtual Relationship

We all know it – even subconsciously. Communication is the key to any relationship – virtual or not.

Ironically … although we know the importance of communication, it’s one of the main reasons behind a VA/Client break-up.


Because we often avoid discussing topics that we believe to be unimportant or slightly uncomfortable to discuss. Instead we literally wave our hand and say "it will all work out."

When it comes to a Client/VA relationship – it’s really up to us Virtual Assistants to ensure great communication with our clients.

This goes beyond a phone discussion every once in a while or emails back and forth throughout the week or instant messages throughout the day. These forms of communication are great and convenient but when it comes to creating, building and solidifying relationships with our clients, we need more than the casual connection.

Perhaps you can relate to these scenarios:

  • you receive an email from your client asking you to complete a task immediately ….. you were out of the office for a few hours and it’s now ‘too’ late
  • your client has expectations that are well beyond what was originally discussed….. you sense and feel frustration from the exchange of emails and feel irrate, annoyed and uneasy about the issue. How do you deal with it now?
  • your client is busy and possibly difficult to connect with… in an attempt to ‘not bother them’ you don’t connect at all or perhaps send the odd email to check in yet they seems annoyed or frustrated with you

Any of these ring a bell?

One of the practices that we all (Andrea, Tina and Cindy) firmly believe in is connecting with clients every week – even for just 20 minutes at a time. The voice-to-voice connection has proved to be invaluable. By coming prepared to the meeting, ready to discuss upcoming deadlines, priorities and goals, the time is well-spent and more efficient than sending countless emails (which may be intrepreted differently) on the same topics.

After seeing the struggles that VAs and clients have faced due to ‘bad’ communication, we came up with a checklist on "How to Communicate With Your Client". This was first written a couple of years ago and recently updated to include even more information. Let us know if you have anything we can add!

Use this tool to help you effectively communicate with your prospective and current clients. Will you make any changes on how connect? Enjoy! Click here for PDF.

Think back to growing your own business … ever wish there was a tool or resource created to help you? Let us know … we’ll be happy to create something to help all Virtual Assistants. Just hit reply to put in your request.

© 2009 Virtually Reproduction permitted with full attribution.

When faced with a daunting pile …..

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

When faced with a daunting pile of to-dos, ask yourself “Which task is closest to the MONEY?”and do it first!

– Tina Forsyth

Fun New Products for VAs

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Just because we are virtual professionals doesn’t mean we still can’t have some fun right?

This started one day in a discussion between all three of us – Andrea, Tina and Cindy. We were joking about bumper sticker slogans and came up with "Virtual Assistants Do It On Their Laptops."

What seemed ridiculously funny at the time and some what of a "blushing" statement, has now turned in to a fun (and cheeky) way to share the Virtual Assistant profession with others!

And of course we couldn’t resist sharing this with you – our fellow VAs – and have launched a brand new store where you can purchase items with this logo. Take a look .. there are hats, journals, mugs mousepads, buttons, Sigg bottles and of course… bumper stickers!

>> Start Shopping Here

Got comments or requests for more items to help popularize the VA world? Done tastefully, attention-getting publicity and promotion can be a way to really broaden the reach of your business too. Write your comments below.

*NEW* Customized VA Coaching by Virtually Successful

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Could you use a little boost in the right direction? Would you like VA specific support for YOUR own questions and YOUR own circumstance?

After much encouragement from us, and many requests from Virtual Assistants, Cindy Greenway is now offering 1-1 personal coaching support services.

I started working with Cindy over two and a half years ago. The mentoring I’ve received from her is invaluable as I continue to work as a Virtual Assistant and build my business.

She has helped me tremendously with focusing on having a ‘Business Mindset’ with my clients. She’s really encouraged me to be proactive in moving forward instead of ‘waiting’ to see what I can help my clients with. She has a great way of pushing me in a positive way so I can achive my goals.

Thanks for all your help, Cindy!
~ Rhonda Embry, Virtual Assistant

For years Cindy has supported Virtual Assistants learning new skills and technology,finding new clients and retaining clients. If you’ve been on any calls with Cindy, you’ll know that she is passionate about the VA industry and anything that is associated to it.

Starting July 2nd, Cindy is making more room in her schedule to support a small number of Virtual Assistants who really want to not just reach, but surpass their goals. Want more clients? Looking to explore your business growth options? Wondering if you should specialize or create a multi-va business?Cindy Greenway

Her no-nonsense approach will help you accountable to your priorities and the growth of your VA business, while managing better balance, all at the same time.

Ready to take your business up a notch (and then some)?

Cindy is offering a 60-minute ‘anything goes’ Business Boosting Session for the very special rate of $97 (regular price for these sessions is $197). She has room for only 9 sessions in her calendar this month – and after those are booked this special offer will be complete.

>> Click here to Claim your Spot

If you want to learn more about Cindy’s monthly programs, click here.

Is Your Potential Client Your Ideal Client?

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

The number one question we receive from Virtual Assistants is "How do I find clients?" and we’re actually tackling that challenge head on in our "3 Clients in 30 Days" Program right now! Finding clients is one part of the puzzle when it comes to building your VA business…. yet it is just as important to make sure that potential clients fit the description of your Ideal Client.

How would you describe your ideal client? Can you tell within the first 10-15 minutes of meeting with a potential client (either by phone or in person) whether they fit the description of your ideal client?

After talking to literally hundreds of business owners looking for a VA, we’ve come up with a set of criteria that allows us to know – within a quick 10-15 minute chat – whether a business owner fits the description of our ideal target market.

So to help you out – we’ve created – tada! The Ideal Client Comparison Chart for you. With the number of potential new clients out there you really should not be working with anyone other than those that you really want to work with!

The point of this chart is to help you quickly identify who is ready to work with you, who is a great match for you and those who aren’t (you know, the ones that give you that ‘pit in your stomach’ feeling.)

Use this tool to help build relationships with the RIGHT kind of clients for you. Enjoy! Click here for PDF.

Got a burning need or desire for a tool you’d like to see created, for the benefit of the Virtual Assistant industry and yourself? Just hit reply to put in your request.

© 2009 Virtually Adapted from the book "Virtually Successful: 8 Simple Ways to Find (and Keep) Clients" by Cindy Greenway. Reproduction permitted with full attribution.

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