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Ever Wonder Why You’re Not Getting Hired?

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

“How Do I Find Clients” is the #1 question we receive from virtual assistants.
In fact, it’s the whole reason why Cindy wrote her book “Virtually Successful: 8 Simple Ways to Find (and Keep) Clients.”

Are you talking to potential new clients but still not getting hired? There is nothing more frustrating than connecting with a client that you KNOW needs help… and yet they still don’t take the step to actually hire you.

There are numerous reasons why you may or may not be getting hired by these business owners. Some reasons are directly related to the client’s readiness and some reasons are related to the way a VA has (or has not) demonstrated to the client that they really are the perfect person to work with.

It’s so critical that we do everything we can to fully educate ourselves about our potential client and also demonstrate our professionalism to our
potential clients. It’s about Business Mindset …. you must prove to them that you are a professional business owner who understands their business, their needs and how you can help them reach their goals.

We’ve put together a checklist for you, adapted from Cindy’s book … use it to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to eliminate obstacles that may stand in the way of you working with great clients.

>>> Download the “Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired”

A Closed Door for Us = More Clients for You!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

As you may know, earlier this year we made some changes to our virtual assistant service at Since 2005 we had been providing top-notch support services to business owners creating their own multiple streams based business, as based on the model originally taught by Andrea J. Lee in her book Multiple Streams of Coaching Income.

After taking a look at the changes in the marketplace and how we ourselves could do our best work in this industry, this past spring we decided to close the Multiple Streams Team in order to be able to pursue other projects (such as this very ezine!)

But the thing is – after years of talking about the Multiple Streams Team and promoting it via various channels and partners, we still have LOTS of traffic coming to this site – business owners looking for help – and since we are no longer offering these services ourselves all of this traffic is essentially going to waste.

Now you know us… when we see an opportunity like this we have to ask ourselves -

“What can we do here to connect these business owners the help they need?”

The answer was quite simple really…

We’ve decided to revise the site and are in the process of updating it to become a simple ‘job posting’ system. We are creating a new request for proposal (RFP) system for business owners to post their needs, which we will then be sent out to our list of fabulous VAs who are looking for clients.

Care to join our list and get sent real hiring
opportunities as they arise?

This is a free service for both business owners and virtual assistants – there is no cost to join. We simply want to provide a way to connect you with the business owners that are coming to the site looking for support.

>> Click here to join the VA job notification list… and spread the word to other VAs who may want to join.

Note that as of the time of sending you won’t see these changes reflected yet on the homepage at We are working on revising the site and expect to officially ‘go live’ next week… but in the meantime we wanted to give you a sneak peek and the opportunity to get on the VA list early.

“Thinking Big” Mindset

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Musings from Cindy Greenway

If you’ve been on any teleclasses or training with us, you’ll know that we talk a LOT about Mindset …. Marketing Mindset and Business Mindset. Well today I’d like to share something with you that somewhat empowered me over the last few weeks …. a different kind of mindset.

I’m sharing this with you because I hope it will impact you as positively as it impacted me and it also somewhat relates to this week’s ‘Future of Virtual Assistance’ topic. Remember, I too have my own VA business supporting clients and I love to share the things that I find helpful for me and my business.

Something ‘clicked’ for me this week. I’ve been taking things ‘easy’ over the summer months – working a little here and there – but focusing mostly on having fun in the sun.

Anyways, I listened in on a teleclass recently, hosted by one of my clients,
Katrina Sawa. While listening to the call I found myself super motivated by the discussion, and started writing down all the goals I wanted to accomplish this year and into next year.

I *think* what prompted this for me was the discussion around the qualities that 6, 7, and 8-figure business owners have in common. Here’s what they were:

  • Ability to make decisions – swiftly and confidently
  • Take big leaps of faith – having faith that everything will fall into place and be ok
  • Invest in ourselves – attend training, conferences, networking events
  • Believe in ourselves – the belief that everything will work out

This sparked something for me and gave me the kick-in-the-behind I needed! Turn on my ‘thinking big’ mindset and really got me excited.

Do you have these qualities?

Do you believe in your business?

Share with us below …. what are your goals for your business — for the remainder of 2009 and also into 2010?

Profit without risk …..

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
“To get profit without risk, experience without danger, and reward without work is as impossible as it is to live without being born.”

– A. P. Gouthey


Multiple Streams of Income for Virtual Assistants?

Friday, August 7th, 2009

The Future of Virtual Assistance Call #3 – Multiple Streams of Income for Virtual Assistants?

Have you ever wondered if you could make money beyond the 1-1 model of working with your clients?

We’re calling all Virtual Assistants to join us on Tuesday, August 25th at 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern) for an open discussion and group brainstorming session on “Multiple Streams of Income for Virtual Assistants”.

While it’s true that the 1-1 model of working for individual clients are often the main stream of revenue for Virtual Assistants, it doesn’t have to be the only way. Join us and share your thoughts, feedback, insight and ideas on how Virtual Assistants can generate more revenue for their business outside of this model.

As always, we’re looking forward to a lively discussion!

Listen to the MP3 download below.

MP3 File

R&D Project: The Virtual Assistant’s Pledge

Friday, August 7th, 2009

“This pledge demonstrates the commitment I make as a professional Virtual Assistant to my clients and myself.”

We need your help. On the last Future of Virtual Assistance class there was a lot of discussion around the ethics and standards of how Virtual Assistants work with their clients. This intrigued us and so after the call we thought we’d lead the charge – with your help of course – to create a universal “Virtual Assistant’s Pledge”.

We’ve started the process at the Virtually Successful Blog and need your ideas and comments.

Our goal is simple – to create a standard ‘pledge’ that we can share with our clients to create a strong working foundation and peace of mind for both our clients and ourselves.

Go ahead and take a look below at the ‘work in progress draft and comment to let us know:

  • What is important to you in making this kind of pledge?
  • What would you want to add to the list?
  • Anything you would want to ‘say differently’?

All comments, edits, tweaks, ideas, yays or nays are welcome…

We look forward to engaging you in the co-creation of this pledge – we simply couldn’t do it without you! Please comment by Friday, August 21st, at which point we’ll scoop-up everything you’ve shared and create a master pledge.

Oh, and we are in the process of having our designer create a really cool new ‘I’ve take the Virtual Assistant’s Pledge’ graphic for you to post on your website and other marketing materials – we think you’ll love it, stayed tuned for details in our next issue.

We’re looking forward to having as many VAs contribute as possible – take a few minutes to comment below and be sure to invite your VA colleagues!



The Virtual Assistant Pledge

This pledge demonstrates the commitment I make as a professional Virtual Assistant. My commitment to my clients:

  • I commit to accurately represent my virtual assistant skillset, including my experience level and training.
  • I will maintain, store and where necessary properly dispose of any business records created during our working relationship to ensure confidentiality, security and privacy.
  • I will implement a Communication Plan with all of my clients to ensure regular communication that will support the relationship.
  • I will complete projects and tasks accordingly to the set deadline. If I am unable to meet the deadline, I will let my client know as soon as possible and propose alternate solutions.
  • I do not discuss or share information about my clients with any other clients.
  • When working with clients in the same industry, I will disclose any potential conflicts of interest and keep all information confidential.
  • I commit to discussing and setting guidelines and boundaries that work best for both me and my clients to ensure we understand each others expectations.
  • I will not take on tasks or projects that require skills I do not have.
  • I will acknowledge my mistakes, look for solutions to fix them immediately and verbally discuss this with my client.
  • If an email or situation upsets me, I will wait until my emotions have subsided before I respond. I will then request verbal communication to discuss the situation. (not sure about this one?)
  • I will be professional and respectful in all my communications with my clients – including email correspondence, instant messages, phone discussions, text messages, voicemail messages etc. – and expect the same in return from my clients.
  • Where possible I will do my best to complete requests with tight or immediate deadlines outside of our agreed upon turnaround times, and will let you know if I’m unable to accommodate any of these requests.
  • I will consult with my VA network and other resources as appropriate to research new tools, skills and get answers where needed.
  • I will provide appropriate notice and plan for backup if I will be unavailable to my clients due to vacation or illness.
  • I understand that I am to bill only for time actually spent working, and will not charge for any training or preparation time outside of the agreed upon task.

We look forward to your comments below.

Our Sponsor – Coaching with Cindy Greenway

Friday, August 7th, 2009

A Word from our Sponsor


The costs associated with preparing, editing and distributing the Virtually Successful Scoop ezine are covered 100% by our sponsors.  If you’re curious about becoming a sponsor and reaching 2000+ virtual professionals send an email to

Get a Boost In Your Business … 

Take Action, Grow and Accomplish Your Goals

Are you ready to make a difference in your business this year and:

  • find great new clients who will convert to long term clients

  • change your client base so you’re maximizing time with GREAT and appreciative professionals

  • get out of the rut of working night and day by taking action and putting in your own

  • create more time for you and your life outside of your VA business

Cindy Greenway’s been in business since 2003 — and in that time she’s been through it ‘all’.  We’re talking about:

  • great clients, and not-so-great clients,

  • long long hours and wondering why she started the business
    to implementing simple guidelines for herself and her clients

  • removing unappreciative and un-committed clients to working
    with clients who continuously send thank you and appreciation notes and
    comments (and gifts too!)

  • working long hours and barely sleeping to spending more
    time with her kids, working on projects she really enjoyed and working only
    with those she really wanted to work with  

Those are just a few samples.  So realistically, Cindy’s
been through the blood, sweat and tears of building a VA business from the
ground up and building a great reputation online.

A few weeks ago Cindy opened her schedule to coach Virtual
Assistants.  She has extended her 60-minute ‘Business Boosting Session’
rate of $97 for the month of August.  If you’re even considering but have
more questions, contact Cindy for more information.   

Cindy’s no-nonsense approach will help you be accountable to
your goals.  Build the VA business that YOU want, with Cindy’s help.


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Attitude …. Affects Successful Outcome

Friday, August 7th, 2009
“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect it’s successful outcome.”

– William Jones


“VAs Do It On Their Laptops” — The Fun Continues

Friday, August 7th, 2009

We’re having a blast with your comments on all of the “VAs Do It On Their Laptops” items.

We recently heard from Ana Lucia Novak – she purchased a few of the “VAs Do It On Their Laptops” items – namely the clock and journal — and she loved them! So we asked her if she would share a picture with us – we were curious to see how it all looked!

Seeing the big smile on Ana Lucia’s face with these items put a big smile on our faces too! How fun but yet so great for our profession at the same time!


There’s still time for you to get your own items – Check out the full store!

What do you really think of the “VAs Do It On Their Laptops”? Comment below.

Hot Skills = Self Study

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Just in Time Learning for VAs – the skills you need when you need them!

Your client just asked you to help setup a membership site – but you don’t know where to start!

Your client REALLY wants to do video or possibly a podcast and wants your help.

You are tired of having to rely on someone else to do simple website updates for your client – and wish you could do it yourself.

Get instant access to these skills (and many more) when you need them with our new self-study training!

Since October 2007, Hot Skills VA Training has offered a variety of training programs designed to help Virtual Assistants get the ‘hot skills’ that we know clients are eager to pay for.

Until now all of our programs have been offered ‘live’ – so if you missed the date, you would need to wait for the next program to start!

No need to wait anymore… the following
Hot Skills VA Training programs are now available in self-study format!

Self-Study Specialty Skills Training

Self-Study Business Building Programs

As soon as you register for any of these programs you will receive instant access to the exclusive member only training area and can dive into your training right away!

Get started now – remember, you have until the end of August to claim your savings.

>> Check it out —

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