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Your Ongoing Learning, Training and Growth

Friday, November 19th, 2010

It’s one of those things that we think about here and there but we don’t always do something about it.  It’s our ongoing development — learning new things, training in new areas and growing as business owners.

Why is it?

As virtual support professionals we are all unique, but we also have common traits … one is that we  genuinely care about the success of the people we work with … and another is we quite put ourselves  second.  So while we know it’s important to continue growing and learning, we often put it on the back  burner because our clients need us.

I’d love to see this change to where every virtual support professional out there recognizes the need to continue learning and invests time, energy and even financially in areas that will support their growth.

Development can be done in many different ways … I’m not saying you need to pull our your wallet continuously here … in some cases it’s best that you do but there are lots of ways to continue learning, training and growing as business owners.  Here’s just a few ways:

Subscribe to ecourses/ezines

While it’s true that I have unsubscribed from a ton of lists over the last few months, subscribing to fr-ee ecourses and ezines is a great way to receive great quality information and support.  Depending on which you subscribe to, you could learn about current and upcoming trends, new  technology, more efficient ways of doing things etc.  Great thing is it’s easy to discontinue your subscription whenever you don’t find it useful anymore.

Register for teleclasses

Teleclasses are a great way to get great information.  There’s really no shortage of both fr-ee and lost teleclasses out there so take advantage of the content.  In most cases the host will provide the recording link that you can use to download and listen to at your convenience so you can listen to over and over again at your convenience.

Sign up for fr-ee trials

Isn’t it amazing how much technology is available out there to help us do our work?  Every week I hear about new programs out there – it’s incredibly interesting but can also be a little intimidating!  How can you keep up?  In many cases online programs offer a fr-ee trial membership – THE perfect opp for you to sign up and play around in the program. Take advantage of this — that’s what it’s there for!

Register for paid training

About two years ago Tina and I started talking about how the VA world was changing significantly … business owners were wanting to hire specific specialists to take care of specific pieces of their business.

This continues to grow and sorry folks but it’s not going to change.  Business owners will continue to look for specialists to look after their affiliate management, their online video strategies, their social media, their eCommerce, their product launches etc.   If you are interested in specializing in a specific area, get out there and invest in some good training.

It’s no secret that we offer skills development training at — we’re passionate about this and in 2011 we’ll continue to bring more training programs to the table.  It’s a great time to get out there and sign up for quality programs — our industry has fantastic programs to support your development.

Hire a Mentor or Coach

It’s just like with exercise — if you have a partner that keeps you accountable, you’re more likely to do out for your workout than if you did it alone.  The same goes for your business — you have goals but you may find it challenging to accomplish those goals because you’re so  busy working on accomplishing your client’s goals.

By working with a coach you can create a structure to ensure your goals will be met, then create your plan of attack then be kept  accountable to make sure you don’t get off track and behind in creating what YOU want for your business.  Yes it means an investment in
most cases BUT it’s well worth it if you work with the right person.

SO there you have it — just a few ways to continue your journey as a successful business owner.  What will you do differently to make sure you take care of your development? Share with us below.

By the way … if you’re looking for a Mentor, talk to us — we can help!

Trends & YOUR ‘Hot Topics’?

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Our annual trends call – What Every Virtual Support Professional Needs to Know in 2011 is coming on December 3rd, would you like to join us?

This once-a-year call is where we share what we are seeing in the industry, what clients are asking for and what you need to know to serve clients in the best way possible (and of course make more in your own business!)

It’s a great way to start planning what YOU will do to make 2011 a fantastic year for you and your business.

Will you join us on Friday, December 3rd at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern?

Sign up below and we’ll send you all the details.

And while I have your attention … I’d love your help with something that will literally take you 2 minutes, but could potentially support you in the future.

We’re planning our training schedule for 2011 and want to make sure we include the ‘hot topics’ that you are looking to learn more about. Will you take a 2 minutes (we promise it won’t take any longer) and let us know?  You’ll be taken to our super quick survey right after you sign up below for the December 1st trends call.

We can’t wait to have you join us on December 3rd and also to receive your ‘hot topics’!


Low-Tech Is The New High-Tech!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Contrary to what some gurus out there are telling us, when it comes to creating online video to help build our business – you and your clients do NOT need to invest a ton of money into video cameras or equipment.

In fact, inexpensive Pocket cams, webcams, and even many phone cameras are more than adequate for most online video. 

The Flip Video camera is probably the best known and simplest of the bunch, and most models are under $200 USD.   The Kodak Zi8 is another popular alternative.  These go-anywhere mini cams are simple to use and produce surprisingly good video.  Logitech is a safe bet if you’re going for a  webcam, but more and more computers now have a built-in webcam “on board”.

Finally, you may be pleasantly surprised with the quality of video you can get from your smart phone.   Especially impressive is the latest iPhone 4G, with amazing video capabilities.

So whatcha think? Is it time for you to get your videos recorded … and to guide your client on developing their own also?

We want to hear all about it …share your stories and comments with us below.

Are you signed up for the fr-ee call we have coming up next Monday, November 8th with Lou Bortone on “The Video Revolution: Video Skills Make You Indispensable”? Take a minute to sign up and make sure we set aside a spot for you >>>

Your YouTube Description — Help It Drive Your Traffic

Monday, November 1st, 2010

It seems that EVERYONE these days is posting all kinds of videos to YouTube … but not everyone knows what info to include in the various fields.

The most often overlooked and little-known Youtube traffic secret has nothing to do with your video.  But it does have everything to do with your video’s description!

When you upload a client’s video (or yours) to YouTube, be sure that you begin the ‘description’ section with the full URL of your website. If you start the description box with the entire URL (i.e., it will appear as a live link right back to your website.

YouTube includes the first line or two of the video’s description, so including your complete URL in that first line ensures that visitors and viewers can click back to your site.

How’s that for a simple, yet effective tidbit of info?

Give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

And if you’d like to learn more about Online Video and how to make it super effective … join us for our FR-EE call with Lou Bortone on Monday, November 8th.  I personally am looking forward to hearing what he has to share about this hot area — a must for online based business owners.

The Video Revolution:  Video Skills That Make You Indispensable.  It’s fr-ee! >>>

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