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It’s My Birthday … You Get to Learn & Save!

Friday, June 24th, 2011

It’s my 36th birthday today and while I don’t typically celebrate ‘virtually’, I thought this year I’d do something a little different and combine a bunch of my ‘loves’.

I love to have some fun. I love the VA industry. I love training. I love to help VAs find great clients, build a great businesses and achieve their goals.

So I thought it would be fun to offer a discount on a few items – one that connects with my special number – in hopes that it may YOU move forward in your business.

The 36% savings can be applied to any of the following.  Enter the coupon code BIRTHDAY in the coupon code field when you check out and the shopping cart will automatically apply the discount.

Hurry because the discount ends when my birthday weekend ends — Sunday morning!

Get Clients Club Annual Membership

Boost Your Confidence, Easily Find GREAT Clients, Stand Out and Generate Serious $$. Meet with me each month to uncover a hot topic to support you in finding great clients and building your business.  >>>Learn More …


Virtually Successful: 8 Simple Ways Virtual Assistants Can Find (and Keep) Clients Book

Each year thousands of administrative professionals leave their employment in search of a better and more flexible life as a Virtual Assistant. Once the office is set up, the website is created and the business cards are ready to be handed out, the realization and struggle of finding ‘good’ clients and earning a decent living is experienced by (too) many.

Learn the specific steps to help you find great clients and build the business you want. >>> Learn more about the book


Membership Specialist Self-Study Program

Membership Programs are one of the most popular and successful revenue streams for online based businesses.

This program will give you the tools to create and customize a membership program as well as the essentials to managing it, protecting content, integrating it with payment processors and more.

Effective Membership System + Ongoing Member Support = Lucrative Revenue Stream. The number of business owners who need this support far exceeds the number of Virtual Assistants who specialize in this area.  >>> Read More


Publicity Specialist Training Program – Self-Study Program

Every business owners wants to be the called-on expert from the media. They crave the right kind of publicity to build their credibility, exposure and expert status.

Business owners desperately seek the support of someone who can manage publicity efforts on their behalf … they simply don’t have the time to do it themselves PLUS they don’t even know where to begin.

In this program you will learn hot publicity skills clients want wand will pay generously for. >>> Read More


Website & Blog Design Basics Training Program – Self-Study Program

You don’t need to be a designer, but as a Virtual Assistant, you really should be able to provide basic website maintenance support to your clients.

This 5-session program will show you exactly how to make simple changes to existing webpages, how to set up lead generation opt-in webpages, developing a simple sales page, creating a newsletter template and more. Plus you’ll learn how to install and setup a WordPress blog, how to customize a theme as well as installing plug-ins and widgets.

There’s no need to wait days and days for the web developer to make a simple change … this program will provide you with the tools to do it all yourself. >>>Read more

Advanced WordPress— What Clients Need You To Know Beyond the Basics of WordPress.

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Ever wonder how you can really help your clients with LEVERAGING their WordPress blogsites?

More and more business owners are using WordPress blogsites (if they’re not, they’re waaaaay behind the times).  Would you be surprised to hear that WordPress offers much, MUCH more than what is typically implemented on to the average site?

Business owners are realizing that they can leverage WordPress and their blogsites much more — to attract more attention, create more credibility, build more community and generate more money.

Whenever I have questions related to WordPress I turn to my friend, colleague and WordPress Diva, Sandra DeFreitas.  Now that WordPress is essentially the ‘norm’ … I’d like to know what business owners really need from the Virtual Assistant community that is beyond the basics of developing a WordPress site.

Would you like to join me on a fr-ee call with Sandra on Wednesday, June 29th at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern to learn what Virtual Assistants need to know beyond the basics of WordPress?

On this call Sandra will share 5 hot ways to help your clients with their WordPress blogsites.

These are advanced items that will help you help business owners with creating more valuable content, leveraging from their valuable content, creating more community, monetizing more and so much more —- all ways that a VA can provide even more value to their clients and monetize more themselves!

Fill out the form below and join us for this advanced call.


Eliminate “I’m a Virtual Assistant” From Your Networking

Friday, June 17th, 2011

When you’re asked ‘What do you do?’ How do you respond?

I know for a fact that so many Virtual Assistants respond with “I’m a Virtual Assistant.  I work from my home office and provide administrative support to other business owners.”

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  (Can you hear me scream?)

When I first started my business in 2003, I used those EXACT words at my very first networking event.

I very walked into a business filled attorneys, financial planners, mortgage brokers, realtors and other professionals.  I  was scared … but somewhat confident at the same time.  I had always done well in my years of work and this was no  different other than it was now my business I was going to be talking about.

I nervously walked around the room, made eye contact and smiled at new faces … and happily extended my hand when someone introduced themself to me.

But then it happened and it was a moment I will NEVER forget.

A very nice lady shook my hand, told me her name and a little bit about her business.  Then she asked, “Cindy, tell me  about yourself; what do you do?

I smiled … excited to tell her about my brand new business.

So I did … I said “I’m Cindy Greenway and I’m a Virtual Assistant.  I have my own small home based business where I provide administrative support to small businesses.

Then there was the awful pause and somewhat of a blank look on her face.  She looked uncomfortable but then slowly smiled and said “That’s great … nice to meet you, Cindy.” And then she moved on.

Can you relate?

This exact same situation happened a few more times in the same evening.  Some went one step further and asked me what a Virtual Assistant was.  But overall the night was horrible … but good enough that I’m still here today to plead with you —- if you’re using this introduction (or anything remotely close to it) at your networking events or anywhere else, please, PLEASE stop.

Networking – of any kind is not about you. It’s not about your ‘Virtual Assistant’ title. It’s not about you working from your home office, and charging for only the time you spend one your client’s work.

It’s about the people you’re there to network with (hopefully your target market).

It’s about knowing about them, asking them questions, sharing with them how you can help THEM … using specific terms that you know about their industry or about their individual challenges.

It’s about THEM and how you can help them with solutions to the pain they experience.

How will you take action on this immediately and tell them what’s in it for them?

Stay tuned … there’s more to come on this topic in future issues of the V-Scoop.  In the meantime, I’d love to receive your comments below.

Can you relate to the article above?  How did this experience change your future networking?  I look forward to your comments!

Get Clients Club | Marketing Yourself & Your Business – July’s Call

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Is it easy for you to market yourself and your business?

Marketing is tough for many VAs for so many reasons.  I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be so tough.

The July Get Clients Club call will focus on a few very specific marketing strategies, how to effectively implement them and get return on investment.

When you join me you’ll learn:

  • 3 things you must know before you even think about marketing
  • 2 items you must have in place before you do ANY marketing
  • 7 specific marketing strategies you can take action on right away with no upfront

Join me for the discussion on Wednesday, July 6 for all this and more!

Visit the Get Clients Club to claim your spot.

3 Virtual Assistant Marketing Myths | LIVESTREAM With Cindy Greenway

Friday, June 17th, 2011

There are a few myths out there in the Virtual Assistant industry that I’d like to take an opportunity to squash.

These are things that I bet you believed at one time or another in your VA business … but that are completely untrue.

They don’t help you market your business.   They won’t help in spreading your message.  They can’t possibly help you in finding great clients.

Join me on Wednesday, July 6th at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern via LIVESTREAM (live video) to watch/hear about these myths so we can move towards eliminating them forever.

Will you join me?  Simply fill out the form below to claim your spot.


Virtual Assistants Eliminate ‘How Can I Help You’ From Client Discussions

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Think back to previous conversations you’ve had with either a potential new client or a current client.   Do  you recall ever asking “How Can I Help You?”

While it’s a very valid question and meant to stimulate further discussion- this question does the complete  opposite – it actually discourages further discussion.

I’d like to share a real-life situation to help demonstrate this point.

Sue (business owner) and Kathy (VA) were very excited to work together. Their personalities matched perfectly and Kathy appeared to have all the skills that Sue needed to support the growth of her business.

A few months after they started working together, I received an email from Sue “Cindy, I really enjoy working with Kathy, but don’t feel I’m getting return on my investment with her. I am unclear on how I can really benefit from working with her.  I’m not even sure how to really how to have her help me more.

After speaking with Sue, I spoke with Kathy.  We spoke about her relationship with Sue and the tasks she was working on. Everything  sounded fine at first — I couldn’t figure out what was ‘wrong’.

But then I asked Kathy – “Tell me about your conversations with Sue.   What do you ask her, how do you both communicate about upcoming
“  Kathy replied “I ask Sue what she’s up to and I always ask ‘Sue, how can I help you this week?‘”

A hugely bright light bulb went off for me at that exact moment.   The “How can I help you?” question – while coming from a pure genuine place of wanting to help, was the problem.

The question ‘How can I help you?’ is a problem because in most cases, business owners don’t know what they don’t know.

Based on conversations I’ve had with business owners of all kinds – I’ve come to understand the following:

Business owners know they need help.  Their business coaches and colleagues have told them they to hire a VA.  But when it comes down   to it, they have trouble really grasping what a VA can help them with and how to go about it.

They don’t know what a Virtual Assistant is really capable of.  They don’t realize the full potential a Virtual Assistant can offer, how they  can help them, and more importantly, how they can help them boost their business.

Therefore it’s up to each and every Virtual Assistant to TELL their clients how they can help. And they do this by what I like to  call ‘taking inventory’.

Taking Inventory consists of asking your clients these 3 questions:

(1) Tell me about your business, your specialty and how you help your target market

(2) What are your goals for your business within the next 3 months?  6 months?

(3) What are the immediate priorities you want to complete right away (and may be struggling with)?

LISTEN to the responses that are shared with.

While you’re listening, start to think about all the pieces that need to happen in order to achieve the goals and priorities your client (or prospect) shares.

And then the most important step – TELL them how you can help.  Tell them about the various pieces you can take care of to support them in  reaching their goal or taking care of that priority.

NOTE: This questions can be applied to your potential clients.   Questions 2 and 3 can be applied to regular discussions with your current

Use this ‘formula’ over and over again and you will:

  • attract the attention of potential clients
  • build stronger relationships with current clients
  • establish long-lasting, ongoing relationships with top clients who you REALLY want to work with

Notice how the question “How can I help you?” was no where in the formula above.

How can you implement this formula immediately in to your business?  If you already do ‘take inventory’, how has it impacted your relationships with your clients?  Please share your comments, questions and stories below.

I recorded a short video on this topic also – check it out!

Get Clients Club – Connecting & Following Up With Potential Clients at LIVE Events

Monday, June 6th, 2011

One of the best ways to connect with potential clients is attending live events.

But how do you do it?  How do you:

  • easily connect with potential clients at live events?
  • know what to say when you do connect with them?
  • attract attention from the right people?
  • make an impact and truly demonstrate your level of professionalism?
  • keep in touch, build the relationship and hopefully convert some new contacts into great clients?

It’s this month’s topic at the Get Clients Club.

Join us for the discussion on Wednesday, June 8th and get the answers to these questions above and so much more.

See you thereClick here to claim your spot.

What is Mobile Marketing and What Virtual Assistants Need to Know About It

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

What is Mobile Marketing?

What do YOU, a professional Virtual Assistant, need to know about Mobile Marketing?

What do business owners want you to know about Mobile Marketing?

I’ll admit it – Mobile Marketing confuses me. I’m not sure how it all connects to a business, how it benefits and where it can be used — but I do know, I want to know more!

That’s why I invited Marketing Tech Coach, Rebecca Zwar, to join me to offer a FREE call - one that will include the ins and outs of Mobile Marketing and what Virtual Assistants need to know about this relatively new trend.

Rebecca will demystify Mobile Marketing and share tips on how we can apply it with our client’s business (and our own businesses too!). It’s about staying current, keeping on top of the trends and supporting our clients in boost business!

Are you ready? I can’t wait!

Sign up below to join Rebecca Zwar and I on Thursday, June 9th at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern.


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