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Get Great Referrals By Sharing This Info With Your Referral Sources

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Referrals are one of the best ways to connect with new potential clients. In fact, referrals have been the top source of new clients for me over my 10 years of business.

The problem is, many of us are not giving our referral sources the right kind of info.

Check out this video and learn what you need to share with your referral sources in order for them to send you great business.

What did you take away from this video? What steps will you implement right away? Share your thoughts below.

Help Biz Owners Make $ While They Sleep … Free Call April 25th

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

For years I’ve heard business owners say this:

‘I want to make money while I sleep.’

Nothing makes a business owner smile more than when they turn their computer on after a good night’s sleep and see someone, somewhere around the globe, has purchase one of their products or programs.

It’s not always that simple. In fact, business owners often struggle with the technology, the strategy and the options available to them when it comes to equipping their business to make money while they sleep.

When I see a challenge like this, I can’t help but want to be a part of the solution. Would you like to be part of the solution too?

Join me on Wednesday, April 25th as I share ’7 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Help Their Clients Make Money While They Sleep’.

It’s a fr-ee call where I will outline key pieces that Virtual Assistants of all kinds need to know. If you work or want to work with online based business owners, this is a must-attend session.

When I mastered how I to help business owners in these areas, I had no shortage of clients knocking on my virtual door. Within no time, my business grew to where I could no longer accommodate additional clients.

Help your clients make more money and grow their business, and you’ll find yourself in a very rewarding, long-term client relationship (and easily finding new clients when you want to!).

Simply enter your name and email address below and I’ll send you the details on how to join me on April 25th at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern.


Virtual Assistants Need An Opt-In Too — FREE Teleclass

Friday, February 10th, 2012

It IS critical for your VA business … if you don’t have one, your marketing efforts are a waste of time!

Perhaps you can relate to this scenario:

You have a Virtual Assistant business. You know marketing is important so you integrate various strategies to connect with potential new clients – networking, attending live training events, connecting via online groups, social media activities and so on.

In everything you do, your website is listed as a way to get more information about you. Same with your phone number and email address.

Your new contacts are not calling you. They’re not emailing you. But your analytics numbers show that people ARE visiting your website.

That’s good news!

Or is it really?

Because while you see the number of people who have visited your website, you have no way of connecting with them. No way of building the relationship. No way of easily following up with them and providing information about the value you offer.

Imagine this scenario.

You do the same as above – engage in various marketing activities, BUT you have an incredibly enticing offer on your website that will be intrigued by, and who will easily provide you with their contact details – namely their name and email address – in exchange for the valuable information.

Because of this incredible item, you develop a list of people who have visited your website and are interested in your business.  You have also created a way to safely follow-up with them, still providing value, and increasing the likelihood that they remember you and develop a stronger relationship with you.  They look forward to the content you provide and they will remember you before anyone else when they, or one of their colleagues needs the expertise you offer.

People thank you for the information you provided, you feel your credibility increase and it becomes easier to build stronger relationships with potential clients.

Which scenario can you most relate to?  Which scenario will most support the growth of your business?

Stop wasting the time and money you’re spending on marketing efforts and start leveraging them instead.

Join me on Friday, February 17th at 111am Pacific / 2pm Eastern for a FREE call – “VAs Need An Opt-In Too … Why Your Marketing Efforts Are a Waste Without One”.

Here’s a sampling of what you will learn on this call:

  • what exactly is an opt-in and how it works (and how it supports your business growth!)
  • top 3 reasons why you must have an opt-in on your website and how you’re missing out right now by not having one
  • 3 keys to creating a solid, enticing opt-in that people will sign up for and look forward to receiving
  • the technology you need to automate the delivery of your opt-in  — create it once and the technology takes care of the rest

and much more.

Start leveraging the time and money you’re spending on your marketing efforts and stop missing out on potential clients!

Enter your name and email address below to join me on Friday, February 17th at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern


My Biggest Mistake When I Started My Virtual Assistant Business

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

If I were to start my Virtual Assistant business all over again, there’s one BIG thing I would do differently.

I share the mistake, why it was so important and how my business changed when I corrected this mistake.

Selecting a target market and how to find out EVERYTHING you need to know about a target market will be covered in great detail in the upcoming ‘How Do I Find Clients‘ Clinic on Thursday, January 19th.

Check out the details >>

Avoid the mistake that’s costing you all kinds of great clients!

Can you relate? Please share your thoughts, feedback and comments below.

Your Potential and Current Clients Want to Make $$ While They Sleep …

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

It’s no secret … you’ve heard me say it and you’ve heard business owners say it too:

Business owners want to make money while they sleep.

True Story:
I remember a client calling me one morning.  She was literally shouting with excitement when I picked up the phone.

I had recently helped her implement all kinds of technology; one being a shopping cart system so she could sell her coaching programs and two products.

I looked after everything for her - connecting the technology to her website, ensuring a secure and professional environment for her customers to go to from her website to entering their credit card details, to getting additional details via a branded webpage and finally an email with even more valuable information.

This client was beyond excited because she turned on her computer in the morning and saw an order had come in overnight.  She was so appreciative of everything I had done. I felt pretty darn good about the value I had provided her.

If you, as a virtual support professional, don’t know how to provide this kind of value, you need to consider the eCommerce Specialist Training program.  Check it out —

Learn more about the “Magic Behind the Buy Now Button” in the video below:

Calling Virtual Assistants — Please Tell me …

Friday, September 16th, 2011

If I could help you with ANYTHING … what would it be?

Please include your comments below.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

Thank you!

Virtual Assistant Marketing Mistakes Video Series

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Virtual Assistants … are you frustrated with the results you’re getting from your marketing efforts?

I’ve put together a video series on the top 7 Marketing Mistakes in the Virtual Assistant industry.  I’ll talk about the mistake and give you a few tips around how to avoid this mistake in your business (each video will be only approximately4 minutes).

Interested in being notified when the videos are ready?

The series launched Wednesday, July 27.  Sign up below  to immediately watch the first video in the series, “Changing Your Perspective” and to be notified when each additional video is ready.


It’s All About Marketing Mindset for Virtual Assistants

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

This is one of my most favorite things to talk about …. I can go on and on and on on this topic!

Marketing Mindset …. What is this??

Marketing Mindset is defined as the ability to look ahead and understand a task so you can apply the appropriate technology or initiative, ask the appropriate questions, tell your client how you can help and take care of the rest. This is probably the #1 quality business owners look for in a Virtual Assistant.

“I want a Virtual Assistant who will understand my business, think ahead of me and who applies their initiative to take care of things so I don’t have to.”   This is one of the most common request we have heard from business owners.

Applying the Marketing Mindset is what has built my business. I had no idea what it was … I couldn’t figure out why my client’s kept telling me I was different …… I honestly thought EVERYONE was doing exactly the same as I.

But they were not!

Now there are some things that YOU must do in order to appropriately apply your Marketing Mindset. You need to take inventory – that’s what we’re going to talk about tomorrow. But essentially if you listen and gather details, you can turn around, apply your mindsets, understand the various pieces to a task and tell your client how you can support them and what pieces you need them to do themselves.

Consider these two scenarios:

(1) You’re working with a client. They tell you they want to finish an ebook and start selling it on their website within the next month. You say “Great!”, make a note of it in your own notes and promise to check in a few weeks to see how close they are to completion.

(2) You’re working with a client. They tell you they want to finish an ebook and start selling it on their website within the next month. You say “Great!” … do you have a shopping cart in place at this time or a Merchant account? You know that in order for your client to sell items on their website, they do need to have some form or accepting payment … perhaps they’ll use PayPal. You ask questions in order to determine what exactly you need to think about in order to help them achieve their goal of selling this ebook. You create a plan to keep them accountable and finish the ebook on time. You ask questions such as:

- Is someone assisting you already with the graphic designed of the ebook cover?

- Do you have someone in place to review/proofread and format the ebook? (many VAs can offer this service)

- Do you have a payment processing service in place?

- We should consider using autoresponders – here’s why (list reasons).

- I’ll check in with you every 4-5 days to see how you’re doing on getting the ebook done sound good? Or I’ll book time out of your schedule so you can work on your ebook and get it done.

- Let’s talk about how we’re going to promote the ebook …..

So you can see what I mean about applying Marketing Mindset in example #2. You ask questions, think about what you can do, confirm what they have in place and then you’re going to TELL them what needs to be put in to place.

Do you apply your Marketing Mindset?

Think about how you can apply your Marketing Mindset with your current clients and any potential ones.

The Small Business Owner’s Sanity Checklist Returns

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

It’s been about 18 months since we last touched this topic … based on conversations lately, I thought it would be a great time to revisit this.

This checklist is designed to help potential small business clients see the benefit of working with a virtual team. The point is to make you, the virtual support professional, look great, save you time and more effortlessly attract the right clients to you.  It’s a took that you can print and use cleanly with your clients (pdf format is available at the link below).

May I suggest that you answer these questions as the business owner of your own business.  Maybe it’s time you hired your own help?

Instructions:  Circle the number of statements that are true.  If more than 5 statements are true, working with a virtual assistant specializing in small business may be the perfect solution.

  1. I am working long hours each day and still can’t get caught up.

  2. I’m working mostly in my business instead of on my business.

  3. If I wasn’t here, the place would fall apart within a month.

  4. I want to delegate more so I have more time to pursue new revenue streams.

  5. I’m doing tasks that I do not like or am not very good at.

  6. Sometimes I wonder if I’m spending too much mo’ney doing everything myself

  7. Our customers aren’t getting quality service and we’re losing money as a re’sult.

  8. I have family members helping in my business and they are unhappy about it.

  9. I want to take more time off with family without guilt or str’ess.

  10. Unnecessary chaos in the company makes it hard to build a team.

  11. I have ideas for growing the business but I just don’t have time to pursue them.

  12. Paperwork and organization often fall behind and costs m’oney in penalties or fees.

  13. The joy of owning a business is eclipsed by the stre;ss of running it.

  14. I can’t turn my business brain off and my sleep and health are suffering as a re’sult

  15. Profitability isn’t where it could be.

  16. I miss or drop opportunities to partner with others to expand the business.

  17. The technology that could streamline my business overwhelms me so I tend to ignore it.

  18. The business lags behind in online marketing which I’m sure means lost business.

  19. The technology that could streamline my business overwhelms me so I tend to ignore it.

  20. The business lags behind in online marketing which I’m sure means lost business.

  21. I’m uncertain where my expenses are and if they can be streamlined to sa-ve money.

  22. I find myself missing or being late for appointments more than once a week.

© 2009 inspired by and based on the Entrepreneurs Reality Check by the School of Small Business Coaching at  Reproduction permitted with full attribution.

Tell us below how you’ve helped your clients with claiming back their Sanity!

200+ Ways to Boost Business With a Virtual Assistant

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

It was a couple of years ago that Tina and Andrea emailed me saying “Cindy, we need something from you that business owners can use to help identify how they can build their business with the help of a Virtual Assistant.  And by the way … we need it tomorrow because we’re leaving for the live conference in the evening.”

Anyone that knows me even just a little bit knows that I work best (unfortunately) under a little bit of pressure.

Off I went … within 3 hours, I had a list of just over 100 ways business owners could boost business with a Virtual Assistant.

The report was a huge success … both business owners and Virtual Assistants requested to use it in their own work.

Well guess what … it’s been updated and now includes 200+ ways that Virtual Assistants can help business owners.  Remember, business owners, really can’t make it all happen and achieve success without all of us and our expertise!

Curious what’s in there?  Take a second to fill out the form below and download it immediately.

Now there’s a cautionary note I’d like to add.  While these are all ways Virtual Assistants CAN help clients, in no way is it to set the expectation that as a Virtual Assistant you need to know how to do ALL these things.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with feeling you need to do it all.

While I love to share this with you … there are two things I’d like to have you share with me in the comments section of this blog post:

  1. Your feedback on the updated report “200+ Ways to Boost Business With a Virtual Assistant” and
  2. Your thoughts on additional tasks that can be added to this document. 

Can we get it to 500+ ways or even 1000+ ways?  I’d love and could use your help.  I’ll take care of updating the document, if you provide me with your insight.

Just post your comments/additions at the bottom of this blog post … can’t wait to hear from you!

>>> Download the newly revised “200+ Ways to Boost Business With a Virtual Assistant” by completing the form below:


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